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While flagstone and slate-tiled areas have irresistible-looking surfaces, they are vulnerable to staining and surface wear. But with proper sealing and consistent maintenance, your surface can last beyond your expectations and maintain an alluring appearance. Our flagstone sealers provide a beautiful protecting coating that makes the flooring resistant to water and stains.To learn more, contact us today to speak with a San Antonio flagstone sealing expert.

What is Flagstone?

Flagstone refers to a wide variety of rocks (as opposed to one rock). 

To create a flagstone, the stonemason strikes large blocks of stones into flat and thin sheets, and this is where the flagstone-sized pieces come from.

Stonemasons will source the flagstone from a wide variety of stones. For example, sedimentary rocks such as shale and sandstone are the softest and easiest to chisel into the required shape. Their pale color, light weight, and heat resistance cemented their place as a popular choice for pool decking in Texas and the Southwest, where temperatures can go up to extreme levels. 

While igneous rocks such as granite are a little harder than sedimentary rocks, they are no match for marble and quartzite, which are both metamorphic rocks. Igneous rocks are becoming an alternative to sedimentary rocks because of the problems associated with sandstone and shale. 

Sandstone can expand and flake when exposed to moisture, and chlorinated water can cause a tremendous amount of damage to it. In addition, sandstone can discolor after years of spatter and spills and develop visible stains where water collects. Quartzite and other tougher rocks do not have this weakness. 

A flagstone presents the best way to convey authenticity to a landscape and keep in touch with nature. The variety of rustic and modern-cut flagstones is so broad that it allows a demonstration of personal style and taste. You can model your living space the way you want to express yourself better.

The Flagstone application has a very long history and was seen as the perfect replacement for cobblestone in the 1900s, and it is pretty understandable.

Stonemasons can easily chisel the rocks into a flat surface for paving as a countertop material and stepping stone. Other applications include roofing, siding, roadway, and walkway. 

Types of Flagstone

Patio and select are the two major types of flagstone. In most cases, patio pieces are between 12 and 18 inches thick with application in the patios, outdoor pathways, and stepping stones.

On the other hand, select types are larger in the 18 to 36-inch range and usually palletized vertically. The base material for the various types of flagstone includes decomposed granite or sand. 

This base material offers excellent drainage and prevents weed growth on the stone surface. But for a more permanent installation, it would be advisable to use cement or mortar. 

Remember that the best way to choose flagstone pieces is to go to the store, pick one up, and feel the texture and the weight. Walk around the store doing the same until you find the pieces you like that fulfill your needs. 

Benefits of Flagstone

Flagstone surface is the most natural looking you can get for your patio or pathway for your Texas home. It is the perfect choice for people that want a closer connection with nature. 

But its advantages extend beyond its natural looks. It is great looking and functional as well. The stonemason can chisel flagstone into different shapes and patterns based on imagination (there are no limits). 

Ideally, consider a repeating and more rigid pattern if you want a clean and modern look. Random shapes and irregular sizes are more fitting for a natural and rustic appearance. 

Keep in mind that flagstone can have a much more durable surface when you use suitable sealing. 

Choosing the Type of Sealer for Flagstone

The ideal sealer is often based on the finish type and the level of stain resistance required. But in a nutshell, the sealer categories are two-pronged: film-forming sealers and penetrating sealers. 

The film-forming sealers usually create a film or coating on the stone’s surface. It is this film that creates a water and stain-resistant barrier. However, the film coating may affect the appearance of the stone. 

On the other hand, penetrating sealers go deep into the surface, have a natural look, and make the surface resistant to water and stains. 

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