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Epoxy Floors

Epoxy Floors in San Antonio

Epoxy floors upgrade any floor you have in various living spaces, whether a hotel, garage, warehouse, or office. Whatever the floor, epoxy floor coating elevates the level of your floor to match your vision and dreams for the business. 

The installation of our 100% high solids epoxy starts with preparing the concrete. The surface is then power-washed, acid-washed, and then diamond-grinded. Next, we apply a prime coat of high solids polymer to fill the indentations and cracks. 

A colored base coat follows, which can be metallic epoxy, quartz broadcast, or color flake epoxy, and lastly, we apply a UV-stable polyurethane sealant. This adds chemical resistance to the surface. Best of all, our products employ nanotechnology that allows our flooring to be applied to stain and seal without the need for any grinding. To learn more, call us today to talk to a San Antonio epoxy garage flooring expert.

Epoxy vs. Polyaspartic Floor Coatings

In your search for the ideal garage floor coating, two options will primarily crop up: epoxy and polyaspartic. At first glance, these two coatings look similar. But you should know a couple of differences when picking between them. 

While epoxy and polyaspartic floor coatings offer eye-catching and long-lasting options for your floors, they have different durability levels. 

Epoxy has a stiff and rigid texture, and polyaspartic is more flexible and durable and will not scratch and scruff. If cost is a significant factor for you, then epoxy ticks the box. Polyaspartic, however, is pricier and will need extra installation costs.

Also, the drying time between the two-floor coatings is different, with a coat of polyaspartic taking around an hour or less. In contrast, you’ll need to wait around 16 hours for a layer of epoxy to dry. You need more patience with epoxy – it may not be ideal for busy premises. 

The long drying time for epoxy allows for some flexibility when DIY installing. You have time to correct and adjust before it becomes permanent. On the other hand, polyaspartic does not have such flexibility. You must be careful and accurate, or you’ll be stuck with a mistake. 

Still on installation, epoxy involves some off-gassing, and protective breathing gear is vital. There’s virtually no off-gassing, and the low VOC of the polyaspartic coating makes it the winner in terms of air quality. 

Epoxy is not as slippery as polyaspartic, and there are options for traction additives for better foot grip. However, polyaspartic may have a surface that is too smooth that it poses a slipping risk when wet. 

Commercial Applications for Epoxy

Epoxy floor coatings are affordable and durable, which makes the coating ideal for commercial applications. You don’t need to allocate a bigger budget for the floor, leaving you with a better margin to use on other improvement projects.

Epoxy dries hard and can withstand the high foot traffic at your place of work. Your business is picking up, so the customer visits and the employees will put some pressure on your floor. Without the right floor coating, it can deteriorate, and replacement may need to be sooner than anticipated. This gives your budget a hit. 

If it’s a garage or premises where chemicals are involved, the acid or other spills will not be a problem for epoxy. You can continue working for a long time without ever having to consider a replacement soon. 

On the other hand, the various style options allow you to choose the color, mix-ins and finish to match your brand colors or the theme at the workplace. You can pick a more matte or high gloss finish depending on your taste or preference and truly express yourself at the workplace. You become comfortable and more confident in delegating work and serving more customers. 

Epoxy has a beautiful finish that everyone, including your customers at the eatery or liquor store, will love. It looks clean, is easy to maintain, and doesn’t cost much to install. This works well for any business premises application. 

The long pot life means that epoxy will not dry out in the middle of the application. You can apply the style and achieve efficiency without having to repeat anything. 

Looking for an Epoxy Garage Floor Installation?

Getting the best out of epoxy garage floors depends on the installation. Who are you trusting to install the epoxy floor coating? Do you want a professional and long-lasting floor that won’t cost an arm and leg? Make the right choice.

Stain Tech has skilled and professional installers who pride themselves on high-quality epoxy floor installations. We dare say that our people are artists at heart, and they ensure your floor is durable, a work of art, and a billboard in itself to attract the right kind of crowd. Contact us today for your epoxy garage floor installation! We work with clients throughout the San Antonio area, including in the communities of Bulverde and New Braunfels.