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Concrete is the choice of most homes and businesses based on its durability and installation cost. But despite its advantages, it requires timely maintenance to avoid staining, deterioration, and cracks.

So, how do you keep your concrete surface in the best condition for longer? Easy, you hire Stain Tech for concrete sealing services.

The concrete sealer creates a protective barrier or a non-porous layer between your concrete surface and the elements such as moisture, snow, dirt, grease, and ice that seek to deteriorate it. 

However, a high-quality sealer prevents as much as 99% of moisture from penetrating the concrete surface – this extends the life of your patio or driveway. 

Most homeowners and business owners choose concrete surfaces because they think it does not require maintenance, but that is not the case. Your concrete needs some TLC by sealing it at least every three years. To learn more about concrete sealing, call us today to speak with a San Antonio garage flooring expert. 

What Happens to Your Unsealed Concrete Surface?

Unsealed concrete is quite vulnerable to weather disintegration. Typically, the constant changes in weather conditions take a toll on the concrete, eventually becoming brittle.

While snow and below-freezing temperatures are rare in Texas, homeowners in San Antonio can expect their driveways, patios and other concrete surfaces to be subjected to continuous exposure to direct sunlight, which often causes the splitting of surface layers. The tiny bubbles that form inside the concrete are unsightly and compromise your concrete’s strength. 

Leaving the concrete unsealed exposes the surface to chemical damage (this occurs even if you aren’t handling any chemicals on the surface). This happens because the carbon dioxide from the air reacts with the calcium hydroxide in your concrete floor to form calcium carbonate. This product reduces the strength of your concrete and even further affects the reinforcement steel by hastening the rusting process. 

The Benefits of Concrete Sealing

  • Resists Stains: some floors in particular spaces such as the garage, patio, and warehouse are prone to staining, and the traditional concrete gray color only makes matters worse. Concrete sealing or staining prevents permanent stains, and you can focus on the tasks without worrying about any staining from chemicals or grease. 
  • Maintenance: weather conditions and the product used on the concrete surface are the two most important factors determining maintenance frequency. An expert concrete sealer understands the weather conditions in the area and knows the best sealing methods to apply. They know what’s best for your concrete. 
  • Make the surface moisture-repellent: constant moisture will eat into your unprotected concrete pavement faster than anything. The mold that grows on the concrete reduces its strength quite significantly. 
  • Extend the life of your surface: a well-maintained concrete surface can last as long as 30 years. Concrete sealing will only cost a fraction of the pavement reconstruction budget and is, therefore, worth it. 
  • Prevents cracking: frost heaves and cracks are typical of unprotected concrete surfaces. Sealing the concrete fills up any small holes and spaces that would allow moisture into the concrete – this minimizes cracking. 
  • Avoid color fading: sealing the concrete keeps the progressive fading at bay and makes the color more vibrant. Your pavement or driveway thus maintains its attraction and durability for longer. 

Why You Need Professional Concrete Sealing Services

Working with mortar and cement seems like a DIY project for most people, but concrete sealing is not always as simple as it looks. 

A sealing contractor knows what’s best for the various surfaces and applies quality products that last many years. They know when and how to use the different types of sealers (siloxane concrete sealers, film-forming sealers, and acrylic concrete sealers, among others). 

Professionals also have the right tools and expertise to do the concrete sealing correctly. There’s no time-wasting trial and error. 

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We have been providing Texas with our high-quality concrete sealing services. We know the best type of sealing for the weather and have the tools and expertise to do it correctly.

Our concrete sealers at Stain Tech are experts in floor sealing service and always ensure you get a piece-of-art-like installation (the best quality installation). Our stamped patio sealing, exposed aggregate sealing, and concrete driveway sealing services are unmatched. We only use top-quality products in the sealing. Talk to us today to get a quote. We work with clients throughout San Antonio, including the communicate of New Braunfels and Bulverde.