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Commercial Industrial Concrete Staining and Epoxy Floors in San Antonio

At Stain Tech, we believe that your flooring should be more than just a surface you walk on; it should be a reflection of your vision and the quality of your business. We specialize in epoxy floors in San Antonio, a versatile flooring option that can elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your space, whether it’s a hotel, garage, warehouse, or office. Our installation process for 100% high solids epoxy is thorough, beginning with meticulous preparation of the concrete surface. We power-wash, acid-wash, and diamond-grind the area before applying a prime coat of high solids polymer to fill in indentations and cracks. This is followed by a colored base coat—choose from metallic epoxy, quartz broadcast, or color flake epoxy—and concluded with a UV-stable polyurethane sealant for added chemical resistance.

Choosing the Right Floor Coating

Choosing the right floor coating can be overwhelming, given the variety of options available. We often get questions about epoxy versus polyaspartic floor coatings, two prevalent choices in the market. Both offer durability and visual appeal, but there are nuanced differences. Epoxy, for instance, is more rigid but also more cost-effective, making it a great option if budget is a concern. Polyaspartic coatings, although pricier, offer greater flexibility and quicker drying times. However, their fast-setting nature leaves little room for error during installation, unlike epoxy, which gives you more time to make adjustments.

Installation aside, the environmental impact is another significant consideration. Epoxy involves some off-gassing and requires protective breathing gear during application. Polyaspartic coatings have lower VOCs and virtually no off-gassing, which makes them a better option in terms of air quality. Yet, epoxy offers a less slippery surface and allows for the addition of traction additives, addressing any concerns about foot grip when the floor is wet.

Floor Coating for Commercial Applications

When it comes to commercial applications, epoxy is an all-around winner. Its affordability and durability mean you don’t have to compromise your budget, freeing up resources for other business projects. With its high tolerance for foot traffic and chemical spills, epoxy flooring is an investment that pays off in the long term. Its aesthetic appeal and range of style options—from color to finish—allow you to customize your workplace to reflect your brand, boosting both comfort and confidence in your space.

Fortifying Commercial Concrete: Nanotech Topcoat’s Enduring Shield

At Stain Tech, integrating Nanotech Topcoat into our commercial and industrial concrete staining services embodies our commitment to unmatched quality and durability. This advanced topcoat augments the resilience of industrial concrete surfaces, fortifying them against heavy foot traffic, chemical exposure, and daily wear and tear, all while preserving the vibrant stained appearance. By leveraging Nanotech Topcoat, we ensure our clients receive not just aesthetically pleasing concrete finishes, but enduring solutions that withstand the rigors of commercial and industrial environments with ease.

  • Processes
  • Benefits
  • Ideal Surfaces
  1. Surface Assessment: Our expert technicians conduct a thorough assessment of the commercial or industrial space, taking into consideration the specific requirements and challenges of the environment.
  2. Concrete Staining Application: Tailored to your preferences, our concrete staining services bring color and character to large commercial spaces. We utilize high-quality stains that not only enhance aesthetics but also provide durability and resistance to heavy foot traffic.
  3. Epoxy Flooring Installation: For areas requiring extra durability and a seamless finish, our epoxy flooring installation is the ideal solution. Epoxy coatings create a strong, resilient surface that withstands heavy loads, impacts, and chemical exposure.
  4. Customization and Branding: Stain Tech offers customization options, allowing you to incorporate your brand colors, logos, or specific design elements into the flooring. This creates a cohesive and branded look for your commercial or industrial space.
  5. Quality Assurance: Our commitment to excellence includes a rigorous quality assurance process, ensuring that the completed flooring meets the highest standards of durability, safety, and aesthetics.
  • Durability for High-Traffic Areas: Stain Tech’s solutions are engineered to withstand the demands of high-traffic commercial and industrial spaces, providing long-lasting durability.
  • Chemical Resistance: Epoxy floors offer exceptional resistance to chemicals, oils, and other substances commonly encountered in industrial settings, ensuring the integrity of the flooring.
  • Customized Branding: Reinforce your brand identity by incorporating custom colors, logos, or patterns into the flooring design, creating a visually cohesive and branded space.
  • Easy Maintenance: Commercial and industrial spaces benefit from the low-maintenance properties of stained concrete and epoxy floors, making them easy to clean and upkeep.
  • Safety Enhancement: Stain Tech’s flooring solutions include options for slip-resistant finishes, contributing to a safer working environment in industrial and commercial settings.

Our Commercial Industrial Concrete Staining and Epoxy Floors services are ideal for various surfaces, including:

  • Warehouses: Enhance the functionality and aesthetics of warehouse spaces with durable and customizable flooring solutions.
  • Showrooms: Create an impressive and welcoming atmosphere in commercial showrooms with branded and visually appealing floors.
  • Manufacturing Facilities: Provide a durable and safe flooring solution for manufacturing environments where resilience is crucial.

Choose Stain Tech for Commercial Industrial Concrete Staining and Epoxy Floors

Our skilled decorative concrete professionals are standing by to help you determine what flooring option is right for you. We work with customers throughout the San Antonio area, including in the communities of Bulverde and New Braunfels. Contact us today to learn more.